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The Council assists the Rector in overseeing the various aspects of parish life. With both elected and appointed members, the Council meets in the Saint John Room (below rectory on Fourteenth Street), the whole Council one month, and each standing committee the other month.

There are eight to ten members; this includes both elected and appointed persons.

The Standing Committees include: Liturgy, Service, Education, Social, and Buildings and Grounds. Liturgy Committee prepares for the various liturgical seasons throughout the year; annual review of particular liturgical event. Service Committee oversees the various opportunities of service offered by the parish throughout the year; our partnered parish, Saint Margaret Mary Parish in Jamaica, is a focused ministry. Education Committee seeks annual opportunities to offer educational events for youth and adults. Social Committee oversees the preparation and serving of food at the varied social events throughout the year; these include both diocesan and parish events. Buildings and Grounds oversees projects of maintaining and renovating the physical plant of the parish buildings and properties.

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